What Is Data Migration And Why Do I Need This Service?

 While sometimes referred to as a "conversion", the process of data migration, in the accounting world, is when bulk data from one accounting system is transferred to a different accounting system. The most common reason for needing a data migration is when a business moves from an old accounting system to a new one. Here is an example. Let's say your business has been using Peachtree for the past 10 years. You've outgrown Peachtree and have decided to move to QuickBooks Enterprise. This is where we come in.


What Can SavaBooks Can Do

Using bulk import/expert software tools, we'll pull the relevant data out of your old system, prep the data for new accounting system, then push the data into the new software. The Data Migration Specialists at SavaBooks will also verify the integrity of the data in the new system to ensure you are getting the right data in the right places in the new software. 


How Does This Work?

Whether you are local to Hendersonville, Asheville, Western North Carolina, or anywhere in the United States, we can help. First, we'll set up a meeting to talk with you about your business and assess how SavaBooks can best help fill your accounting needs. Once we are all on the same page, work will begin at a time, increment, and frequency of your choosing. As we begin the actual work, we'll provide feedback, ask pertinent questions, and develop a relationship with your business. Most work will be completed via secure, high-speed internet connection. However, if you are local, we are happy to provide on-site assistance as well.



Our experts have been certified through rigorous testing to ensure you are working hand in hand with trusted professionals. At SavaBooks, we understand the importance of true product knowledge as well as accounting experience in your industry. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and encourage you to utilize our wealth of knowledge to help you further your business.

While you may see reviews or testaments from happy customers through social media or on review sites, customers are always welcome to request references. SavaBooks understands the sensitivity and importance of a company's accounting system. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable in knowing that we are the right people for the job. To make a request for references, please visit our contact form or email us directly at contact@savabooks.com.