Grow Plan Added To Flat-Rate Bookkeeping Options

While the reception and feedback from the new flat-rate bookkeeping plans has been nothing short of fantastic, SavaBooks couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. After watching Weird Al’s new music video “Mission Statement” a few dozen times, SavaBooks was able to come up with the “Grow” monthly bookkeeping plan. Essentially, a marriage of the Lite and Standard plans at a great price, the Grow plan gives customers a more affordable bookkeeping option on a monthly basis. SavaBooks’ bookkeeping plans bring tremendous value to small businesses with features like free accounting software, financial reporting, and a 14 day […]

July 23rd, 2014|Announcements|

Why Bookkeeping Is Essential For Your Business

This article from goes over the importance of proper bookkeeping and why it benefits your business.
Tax preparation is a key reason to maintain a detailed set of books, but there are other factors at play. It’s important to know how much money your business is bringing in along with how and where the money is being spent. Compare your results to industry standards to determine where you need to improve your business model. You should also compare this year’s sales and expenses to the prior year(s) to note your progress in the business world. Reviewing this year’s balance […]

July 23rd, 2014|News|

Announcing – Flat-rate Bookkeeping Plans from SavaBooks

Starting today, SavaBooks has officially begun offering flat-rate bookkeeping plans to any business with an internet connection. The plans offered by SavaBooks all have a “14 Day Money Back Guarantee”, meaning if you are unsatisfied within the first 14 days (trust us, you won’t be), you’ll get a full refund. A quick glance at some of the features SavaBooks is offering with their bookkeeping plans makes it clear that businesses can add a lot of value when compared to traditional bookkeeping services.

Features include:

Free subscription to the customer’s choice of accounting software (choose between Xero, FreshBooks, or QuickBooks Online)
Dedicated bookkeeper […]

July 8th, 2014|Announcements|

Targeted Marketing with Constant Contact and Xero

Today, Xero announced a new partnership with Constant Contact. What does that mean? Using a feature called “Smart Lists”, Xero users now have the ability to directly connect to Constant Contact. Here is a video that explains Smart Lists.

With Xero’s online accounting software in the cloud and Constant Contact’s marketing know-how — your valued customer data now becomes a powerful marketing tool. Start with your existing customer sales information and resource Xero’s Smart Lists feature to assemble a tailored contact list using a variety of filters. For example, use Smart Lists to compile a list specific to seasonal sales, […]

June 23rd, 2014|Announcements|

7 Financial Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

This article from lists seven common mistakes we find when working with small businesses every day.

Left unchecked, many of these mistakes can lead to very serious problems down the road for your growing business. If you have any concerns regarding the financial health of your business, call SavaBooks today for a free consultation. Our experts will work with you to prioritize your accounting and financial issues and help you get those issues solved.

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June 4th, 2014|News|

Every Business Owner Faces Accounting Challenges

This article from goes into a little bit of detail and gives examples concerning the difficulties that business owners can have with accounting practices.

Keeping records and maintaining your books is the best way to avoid financial headaches at year end. Let SavaBooks take away the headache and handle the day-to-day for you. Is your business taking off faster than expected? No problem! We can get you on the right accounting software, set you up, and let you keep your focus on your growing business.

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